Friday, November 13, 2009

Karwa | Taxi Doha

Doha Taxi Service
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Comment By Muggie -- Doha (Qatar)
Posted: 2009-10-26

The ladies that answer the phones are pathetic. Every time I have tried booking a taxi, they tell me they only have limousines available and then the lady proceeds to put down the phone. Now, they either did not have proper training or which is most probably that they just don't care. I honestly do not believe that there just never is a taxi available when one needs to book. It's easier to stand on the street and hail a taxi, but not always convenient. I suggest that these people be given the proper training on how to speak to their customers, before they are handed a telephone and let loose on the public.

Comment by aiwa -- Doha (Qatar)
Posted: 2009-07-13

Karwa taxi is the best.

Comment by blake -- Doha (Qatar)
Posted: 2009-07-12

Caught a karwa cab near my home, taxi driver refused to put on the meter, even though the customer that just got out had the meter on. he then proceeded to charge me more than I would have paid on meter, and wouldn't go to the building I wanted because he wanted to go to the nearby (800m away!) customer pick-up instead. I've travelled the third world, and I've never seen anything like this cab service. shameful!!

Comment by Eleanor -- Doha (Qatar)
Posted: 2009-07-01

Just called for a taxi. It's 7:09 am and the first taxi available is 9 am. This is not a taxi service! You have to pre-book as if it were a limo service.

Comment by Mazen Matar -- Doha (Qatar)
Posted: 2009-01-13

The phone receptionists are horrible. One of them asks me for a phone number and hangs up. Then I called back and the same lady said they had no cars. I don't understand who sits behind these phones.

Comment by shark -- Doha (Qatar)
Posted: 2009-06-14

Karwa taxi in doha has a very bad service.... not to mention the smell of it. they don't know how to handle their customers. I dont advise you guys to take these taxis unless otherwise there's no choice at all which is always the case.


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